Sheila Cardenas Headshot.jpg

Sheila Cardenas

Board Director, Committee Member, Event Coordinator & Volunteer Coordinator Officer

As Free-Them’s Event Coordinator, Sheila can usually be found behind the scenes working a headset with her trusty clipboard. With over 9 years of experience directing various events like IFATI Fashion Art Toronto, corporate affairs and weddings, it’s no wonder that people go to her whenever they need a problem solved. Driven by her passion for giving back to the community, Sheila co-founded the event planning firm, +One Community Events, as well as after-school program, [FAB] Fashion Art Brookview. When she's not behind the scenes at an event, Sheila is a full time mom to her son and to the committee members. Sheila became aware of modern day slavery in her own community through meeting Shae Invidiata, in 2010. Feeling compelled to join the fight, she put her event planning skills to use in order to assist Free-Them in creating awareness and raising funds for the cause. In addition to planning the annual Freedom Walk and many other Free-Them events, she currently sits as an Executive Committee Member.

"Without love, one's dreams would have no meaning" -Paulo Coelho