Uniting for hope, fighting for freedom. We are small group of individuals who have come together to change the world and believe that slavery and human trafficking can end in our lifetime. We educate students, organizations, faith communities, business professionals and corporate groups on slavery that exists today - both in our country and around the world. We believe that slavery can truly be abolished in our lifetime if we awaken citizens of the world to the dark secrets of human trafficking. 



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Our Vision

Our vision is to see a world where freedom is not seen as a luxury or privilege, but experienced and granted to everyone. We want to see a world where freedom and gender equality is achieved, and the life of a human being is not seen as a commodity that can be given a price tag. We have a vision to see slavery, exploitation — human trafficking — be truly eradicated in our lifetime, and to have our world unite together as one voice to say that a human being should never be bought or sold.

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“Sometimes life presents an ask, rather a question. Sometimes it's an ask to help, or an ask to take a stand for what is right.  And sometimes life brings you an opportunity to be a part of the SOLUTION that is needed in the world. I was confronted with this ask and presented with this opportunity and I decided to say yes; I didn't know how or what, but I knew I was willing.  This is the first step to seeing change.”

Shae Invidiata | Founder and Executive Director



Get Involved

Free-Them relies on the support of our community and people just like you! By taking part in one of our petitions, volunteering your time or providing much needed financial support, you can help free thousands of victims of human slavery.

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Help us include human trafficking in the Ontario Curriculum!

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Give to the Cause

Contributions received support our efforts to stop slavery and exploitation.

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Volunteer opportunities

Take part in the fight to eradicate human trafficking!





June 24th – 25th, 2019

The “Global Conference on Human Trafficking and Trauma: A Public Health Response”, is a two-day conference organized by Family Services of Peel – Peel Institute on Violence Prevention, HEAL Trafficking, and the Women and Gender Studies Program at the University of Toronto Mississauga.


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN | September 21, 2019 | Free-Them Annual FReedom Walk 2019 at westin harbour castle

The Free-Them Freedom Walk is an event to raise awareness and funds to end exploitation in Canada. This September hundreds of people will gather that morning to attend our honorary ceremony and then head outside for a 5KM freedom walk to raise awareness to end exploitation in Canada. Click below to learn more and register today!


Media Coverage

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