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Shae Invidiata

Entrepreneur, Health & Wellness Influencer, Speaker and Philanthropist

Sales Representative, Director of Operations and Brand Development at The Invidiata Team Realty

Founder and Executive Director of Free-Them

Founder and CEO of Shae & Co.

With an Associate in Marketing from Hawaii Pacific University and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of British Colombia, Shae Invidiata joined the Invidiata Team in 2009 and has had the privilege to work alongside her father, Christopher Invidiata who has been servicing the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and Toronto community since 1984.  Shae has helped to develop the Invidiata brand into some of the most elite luxury markets and continues to grow the company with her father and brother.

Shae believes that the true value in working in real estate is the people she meets and the relationships that are built. 

As a global citizen Shae believes strongly in giving back, "every day we have a chance to change the world”. In January 2010, Free-Them was founded by Shae Invidiata; an initiative dedicated to raising awareness and funds to end human trafficking in Canada by partnering with all levels of government, law enforcement, front-line organizations, and businesses to stop exploitation and Human Trafficking  in Canada.

Today Free-Them is a registered Not-for-Profit organization. Invidiata has been recognized in the community and in Canada for her philanthropic work.

Speaking Engagements

Invidiata regularly speaks at high schools, universities, faith groups, conferences, professional groups and events to educate and bring awareness and action to fighting human trafficking.

Awards and Accolades 

2007 | #1 REMAX Team Worldwide

2011 | Nominee for Canadian Women’s Fashion Magazine Chatelaine as a Top 20 Finalist for “Canada’s Women of the Year 2011”

2011 | YMCA Peace Medallion

2012 | Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

2012 | National Freedom Award 

2012 | #1 REMAX Team Worldwide

2016 | “Woman of Honour” Honouring Heroes presented by The Joy Smith Foundation

2017 | TedTalk Speaker

#1 RE/MAX Team in Canada for thirteen years in Canada

Media and Government 

Free-Them is a Stakeholder to three federal bills that have amended the Criminal Code of Canada and also to the Federal Government’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking.  

Shae has appeared on many national and local media sources, including but not limited to, The Globe and Mail, CBC, CBC Radio, CTV, The Toronto Star, GlobalTV, CityNews, CP24 News.

Shae has been a proud member of Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate since 2013.



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Randy Phipps

Board Director & Communications Officer

After watching a film on human trafficking, Randy sought out more information about this crime and was horrified with what he discovered. He began to quietly support organizations tackling the problem overseas and then soon learned that the issue is prevalent in Canada as well. This led Randy to join the Free-Them Executive Committee in 2010, shortly after the organization was founded. After meeting Shae Invidiata at a Toronto gala, he began his Free-Them involvement by participating in the original Freedom Walk. His skills in PR became evident when he raised the highest amount of funds in Canada for the event, so Free-Them quickly snatched him up and put him to work. Randy now manages Free-Them’s social media in addition to liaising with television and print media. You can usually find him diligently Tweeting and snapping pictures. Randy has also been been the lead in our celebrity relations which has garnered support from local and international entertainers to bring awareness to human trafficking within and outside of our borders.

"Human trafficking is more than just a 'cause' its a global crisis and we all need to take action to eradicate it." -Randy Phipps

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Sheila Cardenas

Board Director, Committee Member, Event Coordinator & Volunteer Coordinator Officer

As Free-Them’s Event Coordinator, Sheila can usually be found behind the scenes working a headset with her trusty clipboard. With over 9 years of experience directing various events like IFATI Fashion Art Toronto, corporate affairs and weddings, it’s no wonder that people go to her whenever they need a problem solved. Driven by her passion for giving back to the community, Sheila co-founded the event planning firm, +One Community Events, as well as after-school program, [FAB] Fashion Art Brookview. When she's not behind the scenes at an event, Sheila is a full time mom to her son and to the committee members. Sheila became aware of modern day slavery in her own community through meeting Shae Invidiata, in 2010. Feeling compelled to join the fight, she put her event planning skills to use in order to assist Free-Them in creating awareness and raising funds for the cause. In addition to planning the annual Freedom Walk and many other Free-Them events, she currently sits as an Executive Committee Member.

"Without love, one's dreams would have no meaning" -Paulo Coelho

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Linda Ford

Committee Member

Linda's first encounter with human trafficking was when she heard about a friend's family who worked in oppressive conditions as a farm worker in the Niagara region. She was shocked that human trafficking was taking place so close in a safe, quiet town. 

With over 15 years of experience in marketing working for Fortune 500 companies including a former consultant at Microsoft she brings a wealth of experience to the team for driving awareness, strategic partnerships, and executing with excellence.  Presently, as a Real Estate Broker, she has combined her previous passion of marketing, the enjoyment of helping people, and her entrepreneurial perseverance to the team.

Linda joined Free-Them with the goal of eradicating modern day slavery in Canada by generating awareness and propelling a shift in the norm of thinking.  

“We need to first understand what human trafficking is before we can fight it. We need to spread awareness. Life is a gift that should never be for sale.”

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Veronica Chail

Board Director

Veronica is an award-winning Canadian journalist, professor and CEO of VC Strategies.

She is the former host and producer of Canada’s leading Bollywood TV series – Citytv and OMNI Television's Bollywood Blvd. Veronica has worn different media hats including news reporter, writer and host. She also worked as a producer at the CBC for “The Hour” with George Stroumboulopoulos.

She serves on the Board of Directors for Free-Them and is dedicated to anti-human trafficking and human rights initiatives. 

Veronica has a BA in English and Political Science and a Masters degree in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario.


Ayra Malik

Committee Member

After completing her undergraduate in Psychology, Ayra wanted to dedicate her free time to a cause she was passionate about. As a girl who has never had to compromise her independence, there seemed no better cause than ensuring that women robbed of their freedom are given back their right to live a free life.

Free-Them has provided Ayra with a platform that allows her an opportunity to support women who are forced into slavery. As a current volunteer at Free-Them she is determined to assist in all efforts focused on eradicating human trafficking. There is no place for slavery in the 21st century.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" - Helen Keller


Ofra Nissani

Board Director, Founding Member & Academic Officer

Ofra has been with Free-Them since its inception in 2010.

As a founding member, Ofra’s passion for stopping human trafficking began long ago, and stemmed from an experience in her early 20's when she was confronted with human trafficking first hand. This experience led her to watch the movie, Human Trafficking and shortly thereafter she began researching organizations and hosting fundraisers.

Ofra is now Free-Them’s Academic Officer, where she works on projects of education through the school system and is always exploring new education concepts to prevent and stop human trafficking. 


Daphne Nissani

Board Director, Founding Member & Innovative Officer

After Daphne learned about human trafficking through a movie in 2003, she quickly worked to understand more about the issue to be able to fight for the cause.

Daphne joined the committee for Hope House, a rescue and rehabilitation home in Calcutta which provides opportunities for girls in the sex trade to get an education and aftercare that they need.

In 2010, Daphne met Shae Invidiata and became involved with Free-Them at its commencing stage. As a founding member, Daphne played an intricate role in establishing the annual Free-Them Freedom Walk, along with major initiatives that have brought forth change within the municipal government of Toronto.

Daphne spearheaded a collaboration with the City of Toronto in 2011 to combat human trafficking, and has initiated several projects aimed at raising awareness during sporting events, as well as other municipal issues around exploitation. 

In 2016 Daphne created government focused events called, Liberty. The purpose is to raise awareness and educate on the issues of human trafficking and exploitation to government leaders on all three levels of the Canadian government in an interactive and social atmosphere. 

The Liberty events included discussions on sex trafficking, child abuse sex images, and massage parlours. 

The Liberty event has been hosted on Parliament Hill,Ottawa; Queens Park, Toronto; and at the Municipality of Hamilton, with the aim to have the Liberty event hosted in cities across Ontario and eventually Canada.


Chinwe Onwubolu

Commitee Member

I'm Chinwe Onwubolu and I joined the Free-Them team in January 2018. Joining the team meant more than just combatting human trafficking. It meant digging deeper to learn, the willingness to understand the ways of the system and having to put myself in the shoes of the trafficked victims.

Human trafficking first became real to me when I heard of a young lady who had reached out to a colleague of mine, randomly, while waiting for the public transit. She needed a way out but didn't know how. At that moment, it was a cry of help to a complete stranger. A silent cry.

Ever since then, I've been passionate about the issue of human trafficking because I believe that no one deserves to be treated any less than what they're worth. Because the truth is that we are all worth so much, and more.

Timea Nagy Headshot.jpg

Timea Nagy

Board Director, Human Trafficking Survivor & Social Advocate

Human trafficking survivor, author, speaker and social advocate, Timea Nagy, immigrated to Canada in 1998.

Her nightmare unfolded in Toronto in that same year after arriving from Budapest, Hungary in the hopes of finding meaningful employment. The daughter of a Hungarian police woman, Timea was held hostage (for three terrifying months) at the hands of traffickers, forced to work in the sex industry.

Thankfully, she escaped and started life anew.

Ten years later, Ms. Nagy founded ‘Walk with Me’, a non-profit organization to assist victims of human trafficking and law enforcement agencies. Between 2009 and 2015, her organization helped over 300 victims and over 500 human trafficking-related investigations throughout Canada. In fact, Ms. Nagy played a key role in Canada’s largest human trafficking investigation led by the Canadian Federal Police (RCMP Niagara Falls Detachment) known as project OPAPA.

Ms. Nagy provided training to numerous agencies in Canada, the U.S. and Europe – reaching over 10,000 law enforcement officers within sex crime units, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, as well as multiple American financial institutions.

Ms. Nagy’s journey was chronicled at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in the Turning Point Exhibition in 2014, and her many acknowledgments for outstanding service include: Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal, and the International Freedom Award by Free the Slaves.

Ms. Nagy was also the first Canadian advocate to be featured on the CNN Freedom Project show just recently.

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Nathan Chang

Committee Member, Community Coordinator & Partnership Coordinator

The first time Nathan heard about human trafficking he was a participant in the Poverty and Advocacy track for a conference in the United States. Nathan was influenced by some of the leaders of World Vision and International Justice Mission (IJM) into understanding that modern day slavery exists. This lead Nathan on a journey of learning about why human trafficking exists, how we in Canada influence it, and how young Canadians are trafficked along various routes.

Nathan first connected with Free-Them volunteering as a photographer the annual Freedom Walk. Nathan saw a passionate group of men and women dedicated to fighting human trafficking in Canada and abroad. From there Nathan continued to support Free-Them events; sometimes that is the most important thing one can do to raise awareness for an important cause, be patient and keep showing up. Today Nathan is the Community Coordinator and Partnership Coordinator for Free-Them.

“I connect the work we do at Free-Them with my personal faith as a Christian. To fight human trafficking and support victims recovering from slavery is to recognize and uphold God’s created value in people.”

Education is an important aspect of what Free-Them does, along with our various partnerships and allied organizations we learn from each other about systems and structures of human trafficking in order to properly combat it. Fighting human trafficking isn’t a pretty project, many victims take long periods of time to heal and recover from the trauma they go through. Being a part of this fight means being dedicated for the long haul. 

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Vanessa Ford

Board Director

Whilst studying Tropical Medicine at Oxford, Vanessa made documentaries in Kenya and South Africa about indigenous populations which led to assistant producing Discovery World's TV mini-series 'Marley Africa Roadtrip' starring the sons of Bob Marley and produced by Ewan McGregor.

After graduation, she joined The Weinstein Company as the Executive Assistant to Harvey Weinstein, setting up the CEO's first ever executive office in Europe, and later moved on to Creative Executive focusing on scouting books for film/TV adaptation as well as developing their international film slate with projects such as PADDINGTON, CAROL, and LION. She also worked as Assistant to the Director and Second Unit Director on TULIP FEVER.

Vanessa continues to work in many capacities across TWC's productions, as well as independently producing projects by up and coming filmmakers, including CHUBBY FUNNY and PIA.


Nicole Geer

Committee Member

Nicole first heard of Free-Them when she participated in their annual Freedom Walk 5 years ago with her daughter. Their mission and story at that time affected Nicole in such a profound way that she decided to volunteer her time to this worthy cause, and had a great interest in taking it a step further in becoming a committee member. 

“As a mother, when I realized that these horrendous acts of human trafficking were happening right in my own city, my heart hurt. These are someone’s children out there and they need help.”

With a background in Public Relations and Publicity, Nicole uses her skills in anyway she can in spreading awareness, and supporting Free-Them and its mission to ending human trafficking.


Rebekah Gosyne

Committee Member

Rebekah Gosyne first learned about human trafficking in one of her human rights courses at university. As she researched the issue further, she was shocked that slavery still exists all across the globe, and broken at the stories survivors had to share. Moved with compassion, she knew that she needed to do something to fight this heinous crime. Rebekah first connected with Free-Them at their 3rd Annual Freedom Walk in 2012. Since 2016, she has been on Free-Them’s committee and assists with government relations, advocacy, and blogging.

The issue of human trafficking is important to Rebekah because she believes that people are immensely valuable. Human trafficking directly attacks that value by reducing a person to a commodity, breaking their spirit, and limiting their potential. For this reason, Rebekah is dedicated to the fight to free them so that all people can be afforded the freedom to live life with dignity and purpose.


Ama Owiredu

Committee Member

My interest in the fight against human trafficking started in my final year of university. For my fourth year Women and Crime coursework, I was assigned to the London Anti-Human Trafficking Committee and the Salvation Army. I got the opportunity to hear many victim's stories and engage with a lot of women and families that had been affected by human trafficking, as well as the social workers that were dedicated to exit programs. This opportunity was one of the most eye opening experiences of my academic life and ignited passion and interest in fighting human trafficking. This cause is important to me because I believe vulnerable people should be protected at all cost and programs and services built for this population should be made accessible and available for those in need.

mackenzie smith

Mackenzie Smith

Web Designer/Committee Member

Mackenzie Smith is a freelance content designer with a background in marketing. In the new year, Mackenzie had set a resolution for herself to find a way to use her skills to give back to others. With this in mind, it wasn’t very long until Mackenzie discovered that Free-Them was in need of a web designer.

After meeting Shae and the rest of the team  it was clear that she had found an impressive group to be a part of.

Mackenzie has gained a lot of insight on human-trafficking. As her knowledge has grown - so has her passion behind the fight to eradicate its existence in our society.

Through careful design, Mackenzie hopes that the information available on human-trafficking is now easily accessible to those who are interested in taking part in the fight against it. 


Joelle Warrilow

Commitee Member

Joelle’s passion to help eradicate the organized crime of human trafficking stems from her need to stand up for the oppressed. Joelle had not heard of human trafficking before March 2010, after coming across an article in a magazine about women in the Congo who were being trafficked for the purpose of sex. She was shocked and immediately felt compelled to get involved in this specific area of social justice. She began to research the topic and attended a banquet fundraising dinner. It was here that she realized she needed to connect and find like minded individuals who believed in fighting for the cause as much as she did. Joelle first learned of Free-Them through MP Joy Smith’s website. She volunteered to assist with our First Annual Walk and was moved by the many people already involved in the fight against human trafficking including police officers, politicians, survivors, community workers and advocacy groups. As a committee member for Free-Them, she contributes suggestions and ideas about various subject matters pertaining to victims’ issues, women’s rights, criminal justice issues and network with various community agencies, attend fundraising and education events and host resource tables whenever possible and also liaise with law enforcement on how to bridge gaps within the criminal justice system that prevent traffickers from being convicted. Being part of an organization that fights for the necessity of human rights is a great privilege and an endless task that will always be close to her heart.