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Nathan Chang

Committee Member, Community Coordinator & Partnership Coordinator

The first time Nathan heard about human trafficking he was a participant in the Poverty and Advocacy track for a conference in the United States. Nathan was influenced by some of the leaders of World Vision and International Justice Mission (IJM) into understanding that modern day slavery exists. This lead Nathan on a journey of learning about why human trafficking exists, how we in Canada influence it, and how young Canadians are trafficked along various routes.

Nathan first connected with Free-Them volunteering as a photographer the annual Freedom Walk. Nathan saw a passionate group of men and women dedicated to fighting human trafficking in Canada and abroad. From there Nathan continued to support Free-Them events; sometimes that is the most important thing one can do to raise awareness for an important cause, be patient and keep showing up. Today Nathan is the Community Coordinator and Partnership Coordinator for Free-Them.

“I connect the work we do at Free-Them with my personal faith as a Christian. To fight human trafficking and support victims recovering from slavery is to recognize and uphold God’s created value in people.”

Education is an important aspect of what Free-Them does, along with our various partnerships and allied organizations we learn from each other about systems and structures of human trafficking in order to properly combat it. Fighting human trafficking isn’t a pretty project, many victims take long periods of time to heal and recover from the trauma they go through. Being a part of this fight means being dedicated for the long haul.