Daphne Nissani

Board Director, Founding Member & Innovative Officer

After Daphne learned about human trafficking through a movie in 2003, she quickly worked to understand more about the issue to be able to fight for the cause.

Daphne joined the committee for Hope House, a rescue and rehabilitation home in Calcutta which provides opportunities for girls in the sex trade to get an education and aftercare that they need.

In 2010, Daphne met Shae Invidiata and became involved with Free-Them at its commencing stage. As a founding member, Daphne played an intricate role in establishing the annual Free-Them Freedom Walk, along with major initiatives that have brought forth change within the municipal government of Toronto.

Daphne spearheaded a collaboration with the City of Toronto in 2011 to combat human trafficking, and has initiated several projects aimed at raising awareness during sporting events, as well as other municipal issues around exploitation. 

In 2016 Daphne created government focused events called, Liberty. The purpose is to raise awareness and educate on the issues of human trafficking and exploitation to government leaders on all three levels of the Canadian government in an interactive and social atmosphere. 

The Liberty events included discussions on sex trafficking, child abuse sex images, and massage parlours. 

The Liberty event has been hosted on Parliament Hill,Ottawa; Queens Park, Toronto; and at the Municipality of Hamilton, with the aim to have the Liberty event hosted in cities across Ontario and eventually Canada.