Rebekah Gosyne

Committee Member

Rebekah Gosyne first learned about human trafficking in one of her human rights courses at university. As she researched the issue further, she was shocked that slavery still exists all across the globe, and broken at the stories survivors had to share. Moved with compassion, she knew that she needed to do something to fight this heinous crime. Rebekah first connected with Free-Them at their 3rd Annual Freedom Walk in 2012. Since 2016, she has been on Free-Them’s committee and assists with government relations, advocacy, and blogging.

The issue of human trafficking is important to Rebekah because she believes that people are immensely valuable. Human trafficking directly attacks that value by reducing a person to a commodity, breaking their spirit, and limiting their potential. For this reason, Rebekah is dedicated to the fight to free them so that all people can be afforded the freedom to live life with dignity and purpose.